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There’s lots of blogs out there about the customer journey, how to map it, how to tell where the customer is in the journey and how and market to each stage. Sounds complicated and it can be, so how does a small business that doesn’t have a lot of resources use the customer journey to grow?

Let’s start with what the customer journey is. From the time that a prospective customer identifies a need, to the point at which that need is fulfilled, is the customer journey. To get fully into the customer’s head, you need to understand that journey and use it to your advantage.

You and your customer don’t see life through the same lens:

  • Your firm: With your view on how the relationship should go, what should happen in what order, how the services should be delivered and what works for you.
  • Your customer: With its needs, its search for solutions and services, what it does and in what order, its engagement in the solution and the delivery, and what works for it.

Turning your business-development engine on requires that you take account of those different viewpoints:

  1. Understand what your customers are looking for at each stage in their experience.
  2. Understand the stages and how to interact with them at each stage.
  3. Map your business development to the customer experience – which includes planning your business development to fit your company.
  4. Implement the plan you create.
  5. See the engine working (or not working), and then rinse and repeat.

After the initial go round, which can take weeks or maybe even months to complete, revisit the exercise to refine and improve your business-development practices and expand your results.

Next up: how to map the customer journey for your customers.