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Anna Kennedy

Founder and President

Author of Business Development for Dummies now available for sale on Amazon

Vistage Chair for Small Business (Los Angeles area)

Anna Kennedy is Founder and President of RainMakers (US), Inc. The company offers business development consulting and professional services to small and medium sized services companies who are ambitious for growth, but somehow stuck in the journey towards higher results. She is the inventor of a proprietary methodology, the ‘RainMakers’ Cookbook’ for business development assessment and strategy development that helps clients examine their current state and plan for the achievement of their ultimate business goals.

As a student and practitioner of business development for twenty years, Anna knows the challenges of business development for business owners, executives and senior managers who were not ‘born into’ the disciplines that constitute business development.

After a distinguished thirteen-year career in the UK as a mathematics, computer science and business educator and author, Anna relocated to the US to take up an opportunity in professional services leadership. As Managing Partner at US Web and later at MarchFirst, Anna was involved in taking some leading US brands online in the early and heady days of the .com boom and ran the most profitable operation in the MarchFirst family. Those experiences provided direction for her thinking on how to create, operationalize, survive and successfully grow a services business. In 2003, she developed a model for customer lifecycle management that is an inspiration for many services firms today.

Today, Anna is a consultant, trainer and adviser to small and medium sized services and product firms. She especially enjoys leading dynamic speaking engagements for small business owners and others with ambitions to be the best at business development.

Originally from the U.K., Anna has lived in the U.S. since 1994. She holds degrees in mathematics and computer science with a Post Graduate Certificate of Education. Anna is an expert in adult education and learning technologies and has published in a number of international academic journals as well as a training book in business administration.