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Spotting Patchy Business Development

Doing more of what you did yesterday just isn’t enough. You may have been fine up to now, but growth needs robust business development ? it’s the engine of your business.

 You’re not a leader for nothing. You’re where you are now because of your ambition, strengths, capabilities and, like everyone else, weaknesses.

Your strengths originate in your innate capabilities and preferences: in other words, you’re doing what comes naturally to you. Your weaknesses stem from trying to do what’s not natural for you. Any chance these may be connected to the gaps in your business development? Bingo!

Signs of weak Business Development:

  • Your Revenue Plateaus
  • Your revenue fluctuates
  • You cant predict what business will look like in 3 months
  • You have limited market reach
  • Your employees’ morale is low
  • The competition is kill you

These tell tale signs means that you have an on-again-off-again approach to business development OR you have gaps in your business development, which limit the opportunities to engage with your customers. Those gaps can result in serious problems:

*  You and your people doing activities that don’t generate results.

*  An offer that’s getting out of date.

*  A lack of overall goals and plans to achieve them.

*  Unpredictability in the business.


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