Phase 2 – Rev Up

Now it gets serious. We’ve created your Business Development Assessment and need to move to the next stage. We will design a tactical plan that will re-shape your business development process and accelerate immediate sales opportunities. Additionally, we will begin to structure marketing campaigns that will drive long-term lead generation opportunities. We call this our 120-Day Rev-Up program. During this stage we execute against your business goals by:

  • Implementing a formal sales processes
  • Auditing your existing pipeline and proactively initiate pipeline growth
  • Developing marketing campaigns to improve long-term pipeline stability
  • Testing demand generation plans against the marketplace response

Reving the Engine – Your Business Development Transition

RainMakers’ focus during the 120-Day Rev-Up will cover five key areas of your performance:


  1. Sales – We will initiate a Pipeline Clean-Up, analyze your Deal Progression, and begin a Pipeline Building process
  2. Operationalization – Our team will review the existing Sales Process including Meeting Frequency/Structure, CRM Setup, Contracts, Proposals, and Compensation Structures
  3. Reporting Process – We will review your infrastructure including your Pipeline Reporting, Backlog Reports and Status Reports. We will generate a plan to formalize this process.
  4. Marketing – Our team will review your Sales Presentations, One-Sheets, Website, Proposals, Case Studies, & messaging to ensure that sales and marketing are strategically aligned.
  5. Demand Generation – We will create the Marketing Strategy(s), embed Marketing Automation tools, and launch the campaign(s) to initiate to a long-term lead generation & pipeline growth.

At the end of 120-Day Ramp-Up, you will experience business development in your organization the way it should be – a well-oiled machine, humming along. But it doesn’t stop here. We need to push your business development even further to achieve the long-term growth necessary to elevate your company. Our Engagement stage will propel your growth through long-term lead generation and pipeline nurturing campaigns.

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