Phase 1 – Ignite

When your business development results start to slow down, you have thoughts about what’s wrong.  What we hear from clients is  “we don’t have enough leads”, “our sales team won’t cold call”, “our partnerships are worthless”, “it’s competitive our there – we lose on price”.  On and on. The list is pretty long.

Although you can try implementing solutions to address these problems, they rarely work.  What we also hear from clients is ”I got a lead generation firm – they produced nothing”, “I hired yet another sales person – had to fire them 6 months later”.  Once again, on and on.  In reality, there’s no magic fix to be had.  Why?   RainMakers breaks through these barriers by implementing a deeply rooted process to professionalize your business development function.  We the industry knowledge  and professional business development expertise to ignite your business growth.

Ignite Overview

Often, true issues with your sales stagnation will run much deeper. So we need to find out what’s really causing your pain.  That’s why every collaboration with RainMakers begins with a Business Development Assessment.  Our Assessment takes an in-depth look at your overall business development operation to provide:

    An in–depth Health and Readiness Check of your Business Development process (including a Pipeline review & sales cycle analysis)

  • An general Marketing, Demand Generation and SWOT analysis
  • A thorough review of your service offerings to the marketplace.  We will analyze what, how, and to whom you’re positioning your services and identify gaps in your offer
  • A review of your business & financial Goal(s). We will create priorities to help achieve them
  • A roadmap for business development and lead generation execution going forward
  • Formal report of findings and strategic recommendations

The Assessment provides RainMakers with the raw materials to survey the market and allows us to define a practical, executable business development strategy to take you to the next level. During this process, what we uncover can be confronting and challenging. But it’s worth it. If you’re going to grow, really grow, you’d better be ready for what it’s going to take. It’s hot in this kitchen and your success will only materialize with hard work and continued dedication towards your vision.

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