Phase 3 – Cruise

Your business development transformation is in full swing. RainMakers will now drive the investment you’ve made to professionalize your business and achieve your growth objectives. RainMakers will become your professional business development and demand generation marketing team and we leverage the work completed during the first two phases of our engagement. We now have the goals, tools, processes and energized business development activities in place … we are ready to fully execute long-term growth for your company.

Supercharging Business Development Growth

Cultivating a strong lead flow and driving your revenue goals doesn’t just happen overnight. It’s a long-term commitment that we are ready to help you execute. Rainmakers’ engagements typically continue for 2 years to ensure that you achieve your goals. We will refine your business development cruiseoperations, drive incremental revenue growth, and accelerate demand generation efforts to produce a strong pipeline necessary for long-term growth.

  • Meet your sales goals and build a thriving pipeline
  • Formalize business development operations
  • Establish full-cycle business development practices and maximize your results by achieving transitional competence
  • Create a strong position within the marketplace

At the end of our engagement, we will systematically transition the sales and business development processes and operations over to you. We will gracefully leave you in control with your business development engine in place – delivering the long-term growth you’ve worked so hard to achieve.

Our results speak for themselves! Take a look at our clients’ successes. Call or email us to learn more about how RainMakers can help you propel your business development. (626)-345-5056