Our Philosophy

You do great work for your clients and you’ve built a great firm. The problem is, at a certain point your growth starts to stagnate. You start to think about your business development? What should you focus on? Sales? Networking? Lead Generation? Maybe …

Rainmakers’ philosophy is founded on the principle that a top-performing business development function runs on a deep transactional competence around the client lifecycle:

From research —> To strategy —>To marketing —>To demand generation —>To Sales —>To client management

Rainmakers’ can help your firm achieve transactional competence. We selectively work with companies that are poised for growth but lack a formal business development infrastructure. Our solution creates an integrated strategic plan, executed by qualified, practiced professionals in their respective fields to help you achieve long-term growth.

Our Core Servicesservice-landing

RainMakers’ solution incorporates three phases that are designed to integrate with your current situation and address the challenges where you need the support:

Phase 1 – Ignite: Understanding your current business development infrastructure is essential. We will initiate a formal 3-4 week Assessment process. It’s a short, sharp program where we jointly assess what’s going on with your business, recommend strategies, and create a high-level roadmap for execution.

Phase 2 – Rev Up: Our “Rev-Up Program” is designed to leverage the intel and recommendations created during the Assessment phase. We will design a tactical roadmap for immediate execution and initiate a 120 day campaign to re-shape your business development process and accelerate immediate sales opportunities. Additionally, we will begin to structure the marketing campaigns needed to drive long-term lead generation opportunities. During this phase, RainMakers will make sure that you have high functioning business development engine in place to start driving immediate results.

Phase 3 – Cruise: We have now become your full service business development leadership and demand generation marketing team. We will continue to refine your business development operations, drive continuous incremental revenue, and accelerate demand generation marketing campaign efforts to produce a strong pipeline for long-term growth.

What’s Next

Let’s talk about how to produce the results you really want. Contact us for a short interview to uncover your business development challenges. From that interview, we will mutually determine whether to proceed with a Business Assessment. Call us to learn more about how our Business Assessment review can help you optimize your business development. 1-626-345-5056