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RainMakers partners with leading OEM business-to-business solutions.

We proudly partner with IBM to bring world-class solutions to your clients. Discover how clients are transforming their business with IBM software. We offer:

Rainmakers IBM Co-Marketing Management Services (ICMS)

Part 1: Securing and claiming IBM Marketing funds

Leverage IBM Co-marketing incentive and funding programs to increase sales:

  • Secure your IBM co-marketing funding confidently with rainmakers
  • 100% success in IBM Marketing Plan (MAP) approval
  • Develop your IBM co-marketing plan
  • Discover the six key marketing steps to launch the campaign for successful marketing and sales solutions
  • Develop a strong digital strategy following the IBM 7 Truths of Marketing
  • Claim your funds
  • Submit your leads
  • 100% IBM claims approval

Our track record is 100% MAP approval and claims success (with rainmakers Part 2).

Part 2: Market enablement for IBM partners – executing with IBM Marketing Funds

  • Learn how to launch and leverage IBM assets for marketing campaigns and sales
  • Develop your campaign plans
  • Create a strategic marketing calendar of events to maintain your funding programs
  • Customize and integrate your marketing tactics
  • Leverage IBM digital markeing assets to deliver integrated multi-touch campaigns
  • Deploy your integrated campaigns
  • Capture your leads

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