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You’re not stuck with your current offer as it is. Your offer has to be relevant and flexible, open to small shifts and changes without high risk:

  • Your offer has to serve customer needs as they are today (check out Chapter 3 for all about assessing your customers’ real needs).
  • Your offer needs to be current (in the sense of up-to-date) and technically appropriate: ‘technically’ in the broad sense of your specialized knowledge, your methodology, the tools you use, how your service gets delivered.

For an example, read my blog on ‘Technology and its impact on services firms’, which examines how technology (in the narrower sense) has changed the offers of a sample of companies over time.

TIP: In essence, you need to ask how certain forces in the marketplace, including the escalating rate of technological change, are impacting your offer, how you take it to market and how you deliver it.