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If your B2B website was created to inform visitors about what you do and how great you are, you might be missing the mark.

Why talking about yourself doesn’t work.

It might be tough to take, but frankly, the market doesn’t care about you or your business. Well, if at all, very little. For a start, people don’t buy things (products or services) just because they’re great, at least not in the business world and even in the direct-to-consumer world too.

So why do people buy?

Imagine you’ve had a lifelong ambition to own a Mustang or a Jaguar or a Tesla (well not a lifetime on that last one, but for as long as they’ve been out). Are these great cars? Sure they are. Is that why you’d buy them? Only to a certain extent. The manufacturers pin their marketing efforts and millions to the premise that all cars are not made equal. In reality, the car sitting outside your home is probably fine. It gets you to work, or to the game, or the store, or on a road trip. So why do you want a Mustang (or Jaguar or Tesla). You want it because of what it will say about you. In other words, your motivation is to look racy, successful, innovate, smart, cool, sexy. Pick your motivation. When you get that high-paid new job, your old (inset current car here) won’t hack it. You basic human need is to look good. Your pain is that you won’t, with that old car.

So people buy from need and pain. Sometimes they know they have the need and sometimes they don’t. Point is, your website is there (primarily) to unearth that need/pain so that the prospect says “that’s what I’m dealing with”. Only when they say that can you get them interested in you, or rather, how you can fulfill on their need or make their pain go away.

Here’s the good news (sort of)

These days, shoppers for products and services, whether they’re businesses or consumers, whether the price ticket is a quarter or a quarter of a million, are doing at least 2/3 for their search for a solution online. In some cases, they doo 100% online. So your website is really important – it’s not the only thing you need to take care of online, but it is the hub of your online wheel, so it had better be good.

And the good news? It doesn’t cost 6 figures to get a good website (except when it does).

So what now?

Time for a thought experiment. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, feel their need and pain and ask yourself what’s the first thing you would say to them. What questions do they have? What do they not understand and want more information about? How can you (simply and briefly) demonstrate that you can solve their need/pain? Now take a look at your website.

  • Is it obvious that your understand your customer’s need / pain?
  • Is it clear what you do?
  • Does your customer know where to go on your site to find what they want?
  • Do you call them to action (download something, fill in something, sign up for something, pick up the phone and call you)?
  • Is what you’re saying informative, relevant, accurate, entertaining?
  • Do you make it easy for them to start the journey of doing business with you?

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