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Some days it’s great, some days not so much.

I had a “not so much” day yesterday where I seemed to be interrupted time after time and HAD to attend to things that took me off-track for my plan. I figured I was at least a day, maybe two, behind schedule.
At RainMakers/Plan-for-Profit, we have to eat our own doogfood (i.e. USE the program).
My breakdown was – I’m panicking because I’m behind schedule and all these “things” keep showing up that I HAVE to do. My gap is – poor planning, specifically handling situations that will require flexibility (dancing in the life of a
business owner).
So I rechecked my schedule – realzied that I was behind on the BIG jobs – finishing off Module 3, etc etc. I rearranged to:
  • Use “quiet time” to create the product (some some evening and early morning sessions).
  • Put some “gaps” in my calendar – deliberate appointments with myself with nothing in them – to allow for stuff that just shows up that I will HAVE to handle. Now, even within a very packed calendar, I have space. Let’s see how that works. I’ll keep you posted.