Can’t figure out what’s challenging your Business Development? Or are you few steps away from achieving a transactional competency in your Business Development function that will drive your company into the future. Whatever the issues are, RainMakers can help you achieve your business goals with a host of business development and marketing services.

Our Toolbox of Business Development Services that Add Real Value

The RainMakers’ team has over 200 years combined experience in business development, marketing, demand generation and sales. Our team can provide free standing services or a mixture of customized services used in conjunction with our core Business Development offerings. Whatever your need, we are poised to help you grow your company. Our services include:

  • Business Development Strategy – If your sales cycle is not working, our team can identify the problem and find a solution
  • Market Analysis – Are you targeting or penetrating the right market with appropriate messaging? Our research and data management services can make sure you are pointing in the right direction
  • Marketing & Public Relations – Is your marketing helping establish your place within the market? Do you need new materials to support sales? Our marketing experts can help produce the materials needed to send the right message to your intended target market
  • Demand Generation Services – Whether it’s mail, email, social, surveys, SEO/SEM/PPC, sales calling, trade shows or seminars, we hand-craft campaigns to maximize penetration and help you reach your audience of prospects
  • Partnership Strategy & Engagement – Are your existing relationships supporting your sales efforts? We can help you expand your reach by designing and/or managing your partnership strategy … giving you power through relationships

Consulting Services6

Contact us to learn more about how RainMakers Consulting Services can help drive your business development.