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We can do that. But should we…

Accepting that the grass isn’t always greener When business is great, when lots of prospects are a good fit for your offer and when you’re running at 100 miles an hour to keep up with the growth, you probably don’t spend much time gazing over the fence at the next...
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Are you giving the market what it wants?

I’d like you to take a moment to picture business development heaven (clouds and harps optional). Imagine that every one of your customers is as good as your best customer, that your work delights them. It also inspires you and your team to leap out of bed every day,...
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Wrapping Up Delivery

You’ve finished delivery. You need to tie up all loose ends – and get the customer to sign-off that you’re done and to pay you that final invoice…

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From Won to Done

The contract's signed. You’re about to start delivery. Only you know the detail of what happens when your business is delivering its services, but customers often get a feeling of abandonment by the people they’ve met from your company (and have come to trust), into...
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Handling the After-The-Sale Process

You’re in, you’re trusted. Just as in the pre-sales phase in the preceding section, you want to set the tone for the relationship and continue to manage the customer relationship with care and attention. I don’t mean diving in and doing all the work for the customer...
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